Thursday, December 1, 2011

Send your holiday emails from Outlook while keeping that personal touch


By Sanjay Singh

The holiday season is a time when many of us want (or feel the need) to send tons of messages in the form of invitations, special offers, news, holiday greetings and more. Sometimes, like for the family yearly update, we want to send the same message to a lot of friends and family members.

The old, lazy, and surprisingly ineffective way to do this was to write one email message and then put everyone's email address in the BCC field. It gets the job done but it is neither personal nor very professional. Worse, if you've got a pile of email addresses in a BCC field, many email filtering programs will think you're a bad guy and block your messages.

Watch this video to see how you can send personalized, individually addressed copies of the same email to as many people as you want. Each recipient will get an email that has only his or her name in the To field, with personalized content as well if you want. All this can be done from inside Outlook using an easy wizard and it will take you no more time than filling up the BCC field with email addresses.

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EmailMerge is used by thousands of businesses around the world to send out everything from invitations to greetings to technical bulletins to sales newsletters. And, as you can see, it can also be used to help you keep up with your family holiday obligations.

And to answer one of our most frequently asked questions: there are no monthly fees. It's a one-time purchase.

I hope I've convinced you to at least give it a try. You can download a fully functional trial from

I wish you all a festive and safe holiday season.

Sanjay Singh is the CEO of Standss, a company that builds Outlook Addins that increase business productivity for its customers. His Outlook add-ins can be found at, and He also blogs Outlook tips regularly at