Monday, March 1, 2010

Removing an Office installation that doesn’t want to go away


By Joe Dolittle

Reader Malie Hokulani Kalena Kaimana asks:

I've been using the beta of Office 2010, which is pretty nice. But I've got a work project that requires me to go back to Office 2007 (my pointy-hair boss actually wants to see it running on my computer).
Here's the problem. It started to uninstall, then stopped. It's not in Add/Remove programs, but I can still see files.
What do I do? Help! My boss claims its my fault for using a beta.

Malie's experiencing something we all have, from time-to-time. An unreasonable bosss -- and office uninstall problems. I can't help you with the boss problem (after all, I work for David, so you don't have anything to complain about!). But I can help you with Office (maybe).

We looked long and hard for help with uninstalling Office 2010 and came up completely blank. But we did find a very nice set of detailed instructions for uninstalling Office 2007 by hand, provided by those smart kids over at Microsoft.

As far as we can tell, the basic structure of Office 2010 and Office 2007 are similar, so if you follow the Office 2007 instructions (and make a few in-your-head name substitutions), you should be fine.

I did a test install of Office 2010 on a lab machine, uninstalled it using the instructions we've linked to below, and then installed Office 2007 and it all worked -- so, hopefully, it will for you as well.

Good luck!