Sunday, November 1, 2009

Printing notes with contacts in Outlook 2007


By Joe Dolittle

Reader Candice Gallagher, who works for the Office of the Executive Assistant for Vera Wang (somehow, even talking email to someone who works at Vera Wang makes my wife happy!) asks about an article by Francine Otterson, Outlook contacts and printing that we ran back in 2006.

Back then, of course, we were talking about printing contacts using Outlook 2003. We suggested:

To accomplish this, one solution is to add that field to your current view. This can be done by selecting the Contacts folder and choosing View --> Arrange By --> Current View --> Customize Current View and clicking the Fields button.

But Candice has run into a problem. The Fields button isn't in the same place for Outlook 2007 as it was in Outlook 2003. She tells us:

This page is EXACTLY what I was looking for, so thanks so much for setting out the steps so clearly. However, I can't seem to do it on Outlook 2007! Help!

Fret not, Candice, for this can be fixed. The key is starting with the right view. I like to start with the Company view, which I get to by selecting View --> Current View --> By Company. Now, you've got what it sounds like, a list by company.

Here's where it gets good. Go Back to View, Select Current View, and then select Custom. You'll get a pop-up dialog box and here's where the Field button shows up.

Rock and roll! You're all set to go.