Monday, November 1, 2004

Printing Contact notes


By Francine Otterson

Do you keep information or notes with your Contacts? What if you need to print that information and don't know how? The OutlookPower Answer Team and I have the solution to how you can print the comments contained in your Outlook Calendar.

Tammy Cunningham writes:

I go out on the road every Wednesday. This "trip" consists of visiting a number of clients for a variety of reasons. Since I try to keep track from Thursday through Tuesday what I need to do on my next trip, I find it handy to keep notes in the area available below the subject and location (I would call it the NOTES area). However, regardless of my efforts, this information will not print when I print any version/layout of the Calendar.
Can you help? This info space is used frequently, but is useless if I can't print it off. PLEASE HELP!

Well Tammy, Outlook Calendar has various printing options to choose from that provide some editing capabilities. However, the options that will allow you to see the notes field when printing are the Calendar Details style, or printing each Calendar item separately.

Based on the needs you indicated, the Calendar Details printing style would best meet your needs. The notes area would be printed along, with all of the other Calendar details. Plus, this style will allow you to choose a range of dates to print, and gives you the option of printing each day on separate pages or continuously.

To change the printing style, select Print under the File menu. Next, select the print style you would like to use e.g. Calendar Details style. If you would like to edit this print style, select Define Style then Edit.