Monday, October 1, 2007

Powerful data exporting from Outlook


By David Gewirtz

I've owed Michal Bednarz an article in OutlookPower for months. Michal's a Microsoft Outlook MVP and back in April, he wrote us with a solution to one of our reader questions. In an Outlook Q&A article, Gavin Meyers asked:

Hope somebody can assist me. I need to extract the following information: Date, Time, Senders name, and Subject. These appear on emails being sent to a support mail address into Excel. Have tried the export function in Outlook but it does not give the date and time as an option. Looking forward to hearing from somebody. God Bless.

We didn't have a good answer, but Michal did. He wrote us to tell us that:

Some time ago I developed a free program for exporting Outlook items to CSV files -- "C2OutlookExport". It allows to export more data fields than standard Outlook export, also date and time fields for emails and also custom user-defined properties (UDP). The program is started by simply clicking its icon in Outlook standard toolbar (it is developed as a client extension). The program works under Windows Vista and Outlook 2007 (earlier versions of Windows and Outlook are also supported, of course).
After I read Your article, I prepared English UI for the program and wrote a short description in English.

A few weeks later, in May, he wrote to tell us that C2OutlookExport now can export data from all types of folders.

Unfortunately, we couldn't publish Michal's letter because right after Gavin wrote us the letter asking for help, we began our special investigation into White House email and that dominated our editorial coverage through the summer. Over the last few weeks, we've been going through our backlog of articles and making sure we got you more hands-on Outlook coverage.

We are particularly grateful to Michal for both listening to our request for help and taking the extra time to customize his program for English speakers and all types of folders. You can download his file from Code Two.

On the same subject, I've also owed Jules Hernandez a special shoutout as well. Jules wrote us to say:

I just read OutlookPower's latest issue's Q&A, specifically the question re exporting email messages to Excel. I had this same requirement before. You may want to refer your reader to, which contains VBA code for exactly doing this same thing.
On another note, do you need writers for your magazine? I'm a freelance programmer and technical writer.

Jules, we always welcome new writers! Please feel free to visit for writer guidelines. Any of you out there who want to write are also welcome to visit AuthorPower, write something, and get a little bit famous.

By the way, the link Jules provided is no longer available, but the information is. We're linking to the Internet Archive, and they have a cached page with the code.

Reaching out across the pond

Since one of the reasons I had to push back publishing the tips from these helpful readers had to do with our coverage of America's White House and the email problems there, I think it's particularly appropriate to point out that Michal's from Poland and Jules is from the Philippines.

Maybe if we focus a bit more on helping each other and a bit less on crazy political issues, the world can be a more friendly place. Certainly Michal and Jules are setting examples of helping out that the rest of us might want to consider following.