Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Importing HTML for mailings


By Francine Otterson

In this answer session, we respond to a reader's question regarding how to import an HTML mailing from an external editor into Outlook. Read on to see how what solutions we have for this reader's dilemma.

Reader Norbert Kress writes:

I have a question about HTML mailings. Could you please explain how I can import an external HTML mailing designed with an editor like Dreamweaver, into Outlook for a mass mailing? Where could I find answers to my question?

OutlookPower doesn't do that sort of import for our weekly mailings. Instead, we use a very complex content management system called ZENPRESS that actually generates the proper MIME encoded message formats. But when we do send out small HTML mailings using Outlook, we've used FrontPage and just cut and pasted from FrontPage's Edit menu into Outlook's new message. You'll need to make sure the format is set to HTML though.

Another option can be found in this product review from the September 2004 issue of OutlookPower Magazine: http://www.outlookpower.com/issues/issue200409/00001356001.html