Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to make sure you don’t send stupid emails while under the influence


By Joe Dolittle

Okay, so normally we talk about Outlook. But this new feature of Gmail is so cool -- and yet so disturbing -- that I just had to spotlight it.

We're all familiar with the concept of drunken dialing. That's when you get drunk and then decide that horrid woman you broke up with six months ago was really the love of your life. You call her up, pour out your heart, profess your undying love, and then pass out in your own drool.

The next morning...uh, oh. She really was horrid and the truth of your actions begins to sink in.

Email has the same problem. Sometimes, you want to send off this diatribe to someone whilst wonky, and it's definitely not a good idea.

Enter Gmail's Mail Goggles feature, shown in Figure A, and available from the Labs tab in Gmail's settings.


If you can do the math, you can send the missive. (click for larger image)

Yep, if you can do the math, you can send the message. But, if you're completely snockers, you won't be able to do the math. It's a simple way to prevent embarrassment.

Of course, even better would be to get some help for that drinking problem.

Good luck, and don't drink -- or text -- while driving!