Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dell tech support asks us for tech support


By David Gewirtz

Here at ZATZ, we really like Dell computers and the people we've met at Dell on the editorial side have been quite nice. We've given a number of Dell products some very high reviews. We've also been Dell customers, paying full price for some nice Dell products.

"So, when an email came into OutlookPower from a Dell support tech..."

However, we think there should be a special place in Hell reserved for Dell tech support. In fact, one of the reasons we buy far fewer Dell products than we once did was due to the truly horrid support experiences we've had with offshored Dell support techs. So, when an email came into OutlookPower from a Dell support tech, our first reaction was to delete it, mock, and otherwise be relatively rude.

However, the message began with the phrase "Respected Sir," and we thought, "OK, here's someone who's doing offshore support for Dell who's actually trying to help a customer. Let's encourage that."

And that brings us to today's letter:

Respected Sir,
I am a Dell technical support technician. I wanted to get some information about Outlook. Please reply to this email, If possible. I have gone through your posting at:
The issue is regarding Outlook contact printing. We are able to save about 900 or so Outlook contacts without any problem but when we print them, only 400 of them print out. Trying to print it double sided so after those 400 get printed, the second side starts printing. It happens the same on many computers so it's not the issue with the computer or printer's settings.
Please let me know if there is a limit to the contacts that one can print from Outlook.
Thanking you.
(name withheld by OutlookPower)
Dell Technical Resolution Expert

First off, I gotta tell you I groove on "Respected Sir". I'm a New Jersey boy and we rarely give or recieve a "Respected Sir" for anything. We New Jersey kids are more "Hey you" (and far worse) than "Respected Sir". So he was definitely off to a good start.