Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A very crude way to print Outlook contact pictures


By Joe Dolittle

Poor Mary Anderson. She's bummed. Well, actually, she's major bummed. Let's have her tell you why:

I have Outlook 2007. Any chance you have feature yet to print photos in contacts? I can't find it and major bummed! Why would you include if can't print with contact?

Mary, Mary, haven't you learned by now? One does not question the "why" in Microsoft products. One just uses them, struggles with them, sometimes enjoys them, and in cases like this, works around them.

Here's the bottom line: Outlook 2007 does not include a feature for printing photos from your contacts. We agree that it makes no sense to have a feature included, and no way to use it in printing. But, as we all know, Microsoft works in mysterious ways.

But fret not, Mary Anderson, for we have a crude, yet workable solution that may turn that major bummed upside down. It involves using one of our favorite programs, SnagIt. SnagIt is capable of capturing an image of your screen, but it does more than that. SnagIt can capture a scrolling image of your screen, so if you want to grab all of your contacts, you can do it.

So, here's how you solve your problem crudely. First, go to the Contacts view in Outlook and view by Business Cards. This will show all your pictures. Then, load up SnagIt, and set it to capture a scrolling window. Hit SnagIt's capture key (usually Control-Shift-P), hover over the part of the Outlook Window that contains your business cards, and SnagIt will scroll down and capture a full image of all your cards.

You can save this as a JPEG, bring it into SnagIt's editor, chop it up for printing, and print it out.

Doable, but crude. Doncha just love it!