Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Phil’s solution to Outlook reminders not showing


By David Gewirtz

I love it when developers are able to turn an annoyance into an opportunity. One of our favorite developers is a fellow by the name of Phil Seeman.

As a result of countless OutlookPower Q&A articles, along with the complaints of other Outlook users, Phil noticed there was a common problem: appointment pop-up reminders don't pop up.

In Outlook 2010, it's even more of a problem, because although reminders do show, they often show under other windows, making them as much useless as anything else.

So, Phil wrote some code, shown in Figure A.


Phil's little window does pop up.

He calls it Reminder Alerts and for now, at least, it's both in beta and free. Go ahead and try it out. It could be the answer to all your dreams.

By the way, this is why the closed ecosystems of the iPhone and iPad bug me so much. There are problems inherent in those environments as well, problems not of high enough priority for Apple to fix. If the company would only allow developers to build simple utilities, the environment would be far more richer for everyone.

Developers should be able to come to the rescue of users, just as Phil has. So, go ahead. Download and be reminded.