Sunday, January 1, 2006

You can’t go back to individual reminders


By Francine Otterson

An AOL reader, one LFrank7861 asks:

I know that Outlook 2002 and above deals with the multiple reminder pop-up windows by combining all of your reminders into one dialog box, instead of separate ones for each reminder. I also know that in Outlook 2003 the reminders don't pop up on top of all the other open windows. T he problem is I PREFERRED THE INDIVIDUAL REMINDERS AND I PREFER the REMINDERS POPPING UP ON TOP OF ALL THE OTHER OPEN WINDOWS. Because of this change, I miss appointment, scheduled time for tasks, etc. What do I do?

First, do us a favor and send us your full name when you're asking a question. It's just a lot nicer to say "Jack Sprat asks" than "LFrank7861".

The Outlook reminders debate, individual pop-up windows vs. all-in-one window, is classic. Microsoft changed the design of the reminders to be contained all in one window after receiving numerous requests to do so. This allows for a more concise location to view all reminders and saves space on your task bar.

With every change, especially a software user interface change, there are inevitably going to be those that did not want it changed in the first place. Though it may take time to become accustomed to using the new reminders design, this is the only option since we haven't found another way, or a tool, that will convert Outlook back to the individual pop-up design.

One suggestion for Microsoft: you might consider making the pop-up style a preference choice. It'd another checkbox amidst too many others, but it will give users the choice they crave.