Monday, November 1, 2010

Why emails disappear once you reply


By Joe Dolittle

Reader Jeff Badzik asks:

I was curious as to why once I reply to an email the email disappears from my outlook. This just started happening.

This is a pretty straightforward problem. While there's always the chance that your Outlook data file has gone horribly wrong, when you suddenly see a behavior change in your inbox, there's almost always one answer: Views.

Although a major feature of Outlook, most users don't use Views. Views are accessible under the View menu. There are a bunch of standard views, like "Last Seven Days," which restricts your folder to only showing messages from the last seven days, or "Unread Messages in This Folder," which only shows you messages you haven't yet read.

Generally, when your mail starts to go poof, it's because you accidentally changed the view, most likely to "Unread Messages in This Folder". Change the view back to "Messages" and all will probably be fine in the world.

By the way, you can create your own custom views, but that way be madness (unless you're a full-on rules geek).