Monday, September 1, 2003

Singing the horizontal scrolling blues


In this edition of letters to the editor, a reader comments on OutlookPower's formatting.

Fit to screen

Nice email, nice content, even though sometimes you put some excess in it, but it's okay.

One thing: why don't you change the format because many times I've been interested in one article and have begun to read it, but after having to scroll horizontally I don't know how many times, because your page is always bigger than my screen, I just simply do not continue and drop my reading.

How about making your nice letter fit into the screen?

Also for the context, why don't you put at the beginning an index of the content below?

I hope my comments are helpful.

Keep on with your good e-letter.

Guillermo A. Pirez Merayo
Centro de Conocimiento

Editor-in-Chief David Gewirtz responds

Thanks. There is a short index at the top. We thought about indexing all the news, but that'd take a ton of space.

As for scrolling, I'm betting you're using Outlook 2003. Our stuff was formatted perfectly for earlier mail programs and then Outlook 2003 reduced screen real estate. We're working on reformatting, but frankly, it was a huge amount of work to get this version out and we've got a whole bunch of technical fixes on our list. We'll get to it reasonably soon, though!

In fact, stay tuned to OutlookPower for loads more in-depth coverage of Outlook 2003.