Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My appointments disappear the day after


By Joe Dolittle

OutlookPower reader Tom Bown asks:

How do I retain appointments in my calendar after the day of the appointment? I have no record of where I was or what I did (my wife would like to know). I presume it is a matter of a setting someplace.

As it turns out, the technical issue is quite easy to solve. The marital issue, well that's a question for someone a whole lot higher than my pay grade.

Outlook doesn't automaticaly delete your appointments after the day of the appointment, even though it seems that way. Therefore, there's no setting to prevent it from doing so.

However, what Outlook does have -- and don't feel bad, this screws up a lot of people -- is it has Views. Views are ways that Outlook slices and dices the information you see.

Views work in messages, so you can see only your unread messages or only your urgent messages, or only messages from this week. You switch views and all the information in the folder is presented in a different way.

Views also work in the calendar. In fact, what we think you're doing is using the Active Appointments view. Go up to the View menu, change the view to All Appointments, and your wife can keep tabs on you no matter what sort of trouble you're getting into.

Good luck!