Sunday, December 1, 2002

Getting more organized: a New Year’s resolution you can actually keep

But what about bringing order from chaos when it comes to other kinds of information? Stuff like Web site user names and passwords that you keep on sticky notes around your desk? Or your family's insurance information that you never have when you need it? Or your personal account numbers and PINs that you can't remember but don't write down for safety's sake? It turns out that your handheld can be a secure place to keep this kind of confidential information, but only if the records are protected. As we've often talked about in PalmPower, Palm's password protection is NOT secure. However--and once again we're dipping into products from our friends at Chapura--a password-protected, encrypted database can relieve the stress of worrying if someone will get unauthorized access to the private information on your handheld. Their Cloak product keeps your records accessible, yet secure, on both your handheld and PC. One thing that's nice about Cloak (which I use myself), is that you can enter all your passwords and such in a Windows program and synchronize them down to your Palm handheld. You can find free trials for these tools at

Finally, there's a New Year's Resolution that is possible to keep throughout the year. You can even start simplifying and organizing your life today. If you have other ideas for News Year's Resolutions (and how to keep them), feel free to send me an email at

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